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About Us

Insights Foundation [I.F.] is a non-profit, non-denominational support organization, working to establish positive perspective & personal empowerment through awareness, acceptance & action.

“Dedicated to the process of health, a state of optimal mental, emotional, social & physical well-being, wholeness, happiness, peace, enriching ones life”. – IF Founders

To implore these ideals Insights Foundation utilizes a strategically designed 5-branch structure for balance & wellness:

Self-discovery – Focus & De-stress – Fitness Skills – Nutrition – Positive Living Strategies (P.L.S.) Life Coaching

Out-Reach programs fitting into these branches assist people in assessing their lives and making positive behavioral change, using a variety of methods to fit individual needs. We encourage learning about strategies that work, and the enrichment of your Life!

The out-reach programs we provide assist our impacted communities with Trauma Recovery Skills, much-needed Basic Aid and hope for the future.

Other opportunities provided through this organization include volunteering, collaboration, and platforms to connect as a community to provide assistance to those in need.

We are proud to work with out-reach program leaders who bring assistance directly to those in need.

I.F. + Making a difference

  • Healing Arts Strategies – H.A.S. Brandy Martin; E.F.T. – Affiliate
  • Love & Lighten-Up – Author Kelli Martin; E.F.T; Photography, Contributor
  • ClamMind.org – Dani Martin; P.L.S. Trauma Recovery skills training, Stress Management Specialist
  • Emergency Street Bags ESB & DOC LALU- Angel Bosten; Program facilitation  
  • One World OutReach – O.W.O.R.; Corporate Alliance, Out-Reach Program management & facilitation – TeJay Brune; oneworldoutreach@hotmail.com
  • Life Essentials – Robyn LeAnn; Fitness training, Yoga, Life Coaching
  • Avanti Dance Company- Youth Dancer out-reach, John Dean, Juli Dean, Taryn Chavez
  • Janel’s Equine Learning Experience- Life Skills Out-Reach, Janel Gunter