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About Us

Insights Foundation [I.F.] is a non-profit, non-denominational support organization, working to establish positive perspective & personal empowerment through awareness, acceptance & action.

“Dedicated to the process of health, a state of optimal mental, emotional, social & physical well-being, wholeness, happiness, peace, enriching ones life”. – IF Founders

To implore these ideals Insights Foundation utilizes a strategically designed 5-branch structure for balance & wellness:

Self-discovery – Focus & De-stress – Fitness Skills – Nutrition – Positive Living Strategies (P.L.S.) Life Coaching

Out-Reach programs fitting into these branches assist people in assessing their lives and making positive behavioral change, using a variety of methods to fit individual needs. We strive to encourage learning about strategies that work and will enrich your Life!

Other opportunities provided through this organization include volunteering, collaboration, and platforms to connect as a community, providing assistance to those in need.

We are proud to work with out-reach program leaders who provide assistance to those in need.

I.F. + Making a difference

  • Healing Arts Strategies – H.A.S. Brandy Martin; E.F.T. – Affiliate
  • Love & Lighten-Up – Author Kelli Martin; E.F.T; Photography, Contributor
  • ClamMind.org – Dani Martin; P.L.S. Trauma Recovery skills training, Stress Management Specialist
  • Emergency Street Bags ESB & DOC LALU- Angel Bosten; Program facilitation  
  • One World OutReach – O.W.O.R.; Corporate Alliance, Out-Reach Program management & facilitation – TeJay Brune
  • Life Essentials – Robyn LeAnn; Fitness training, Yoga, Life Coaching
  • Avanti Dance Company- Youth Dancer out-reach, John Dean, Juli Dean, Taryn Chavez