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Healing Arts

This program offers opportunities to create and heal; at any artistic level and place in life!


Healing Art Director is Brandy Martin, she resides in Parker AZ, and is available to present this amazing program to your organization.  Through creative expression, Insights Foundation assists trauma survivors in taking steps to change their lives.


Creativity & Healing Arts 


Insights Foundation assists trauma survivors in taking steps to change their lives.

Our Healing Arts program offers opportunities for personal enrichment through creative expression.  Our program is structured from the training and certification completed through ‘A Window Between Worlds’. Creative expression as a healing tool has benefited over 40,000 battered women and their children in crisis shelters, transitional homes and outreach centers throughout the United States.

By providing an environment that promotes healing, art workshops help women and children to develop a renewed sense of hope and possibility that profoundly impacts future decisions regarding the direction of their lives, their relationships, and how to stay safe. Art empowers survivors to transform how they view themselves, allowing them to see past the abusive messages they learned from their abusers and rebuild their self-confidence. Implementing art as an activity to gain a sense of renewal, clarity, and strength.I.F. makes art available as a powerful resource for domestic violence survivor’s

• Assists domestic violence agencies in creating vital, permanent art programs
• Leverage the impact of our work through collaboration.

Creating strength and lifestyle strategies to influence growth and bring empowerment.

Our direct outreach for this program is in trauma recovery.

We invite you to learn more about our programs and to join us in using art to empower.

“Through creative expression individuals gain a sense of renewal and power.  Our images of hope, survival and strength educate others as to the work survivors of trauma take to change their lives.”


This is an example of the Healing Arts Workshop, there are many reasons it is effective. For assistance in replicating this program, please Contact Us.

One Woman’s story: 

shoe.302200035_largeSexual abuse has affected my entire life; my entire being; my entire existence.  Some say, that is the past, get over it. or what is the big deal? IT IS A BIG DEAL! I never had a chance to just be.  I never had a chance to enjoy my childhood or to live a so-called ‘normal’ life.  Early on I was always reacting in my life in context to what happened to me…
It took me a very long time to figure out who I really was.  Who I really wanted to be when I grew up.  It took me a very long time to even begin to LIKE myself.
Now, I am healing.  I am continuously growing as a person.  I am continuously figuring out who I am. I am trying to be gentle with myself.  I am learning to be my own best friend.  This is me…

Victim No More:  These were the shoes I wore the day we married, the day I now think of as the first day of my former life.  We were children when we committed our lifetimes to each other.  You were charming and unwittingly persuasive…

Introduction: Many of us are not able to talk about sexual/domestic abuse and the profound effect it has had on us. My hope is for all of you to express yourselves in a different way, one that may feel safer to you. The project we are doing is called “Take a Walk in My Shoes.” Everyone wants to be understood so as not to feel alone.

Make this shoe that you have chosen – speak for you. There are no limits, so use whatever you need to tell your story of bravery and courage.

Opening Circle: At the beginning of each session, check in with yourself, to see how you’re doing. As you can express yourself, open up in this safe environment – let the symbolize flow.

Closing: share how it felt working on your shoe. I find that they are always surprised how the shoe seemed to create itself. Encourage creativity in your life.