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Helping the Homeless


Homelessness reaches into our hearts, seeing people needing help is heart wrenching, Vets – Families – Women, Men, Children & Animals make up the homeless population. 

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Helping the Homeless

Emergency Street Bags – ESB

click here for a  pdf printable copy of the Orange County Resource Lis

       How can you safely help?


Our amazing Out-Reach Consultant Angel, has created a program to assist! Handing out hundreds of Emergency Street Bags in the Orange County Area.

Your support for the ESB program makes it possible to continue offering vital programs in the community.  


Helping – Giving, it’s Important

  • Click the Donate page to provide funding $$
  • Collect items and arrange for delivery to our ESB -volunteer distributors.

Items listed at our WISH LIST page are always needed. 


  • Food: Peanut Butter and Jelly, Cup o’Noodles, Soda’s, Juice Box’s, Raisins, Fruit, Crackers, Protein bars
  • Water: Cases help the most
  • Clothing: mittens, beanies, socks, blankets
  • Reading glasses, Hygiene items
  • Plastic zip sandwich bags, paper lunch sacks
  • All items need to be free of drugs, alcohol, harmful ingredients

Pet supplies: Food, treats, toys, Vet services  



If you have distributable goods not listed here, please discuss your donation with an IF out-reach consultant.