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Helping means so much

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The homeless group project was a selfless charitable act, where we passed out bags with different goods to the random homeless around the Santa Ana court.

Being there that day and actively participating in the project was something I’ve never done before.  Seeing the homeless people brought a new appreciation for the life I have and the things I have.  In my recovery I’ve learned that things could be worse…I could have made my life worse because of my addiction.

The homeless people who we passed out these bags to were so appreciative and thankful.  Blessing these people with the goods provided in the bags felt good.  Doing something good for other people lifts you up.  In my recovery I’m learning that I need to be grateful for my life. Being there helping the homeless I began to appreciate and be thankful for what I do have in my life.  I’ve been homeless before and I’ve been down that road….a road I never want to go back to.

As my eyes open to the reality of life, the reality of society, the realization that life can be really tough we need to accept the fact that we can always do something about our lives. We have the ability to keep moving forward. But we also have to realize what we have might not always be there.  So appreciate what you have, do what you can to keep things right and be thankful for the blessings you get.