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Review your goals.

  1. What do you want? ______________________
  2. Why do you want it? _____________________

What do you desire?  ______________________

How will you feel if you don’t pursue your desires?



What can you do today to support your physical health and well-being today?

Nutrition and eating:_______________________


Nurturing yourself:_________________________

What makes you feel good? bubblebath, reading, bed early, journaling, music, dancing, etc


Potential obstacles:_______________________

what may arise in your day? ________________

Troubleshooting obstacles:________________________________

How do you plan for the potential problem?


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Take personal responsibility for your Activity and Health Choices!

Schedule movement and stretching into your DAY, every 2-hours take a body-break.

let the pictures below motivate you to research what your body needs.

Evening Review:

In the evening before you go to sleep, review the positive parts of the day.  Focus on the positives and let go of the small flaws