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Meridian Tapping

E.F.T. Emotional Freedom Technique

* Anxiety * Depression * Low Self-image * Compulsions *

Persistent insomnia  * AND more

Reducing the emotional baggage of your specific negative events will result in less internal conflict. Less internal conflict translates into less toxic stress and a higher level of internal personal peace and well-being!


Tapping your issues away!

Energy meridian points – user friendly emotional healing approach, a simple process of stimulating acupressure points on the body for emotional and physical relief.


Tapping is not designed to replace anything you are currently doing in your life. Tapping is in addition to good nutrition, chiropractic, naturopathic, and medical care or any other modality or tools that enhance your life.


Contact an Insights Foundation EFT energy health practitioner for application instructions. It’s important to have guidance, we offer free tele-course training!

When you are stressed – in Trauma, it’s hard to learn something new. Learn and practice on basics then youll be ready for the BIG ones.
Please, be observant, how you are feeling, if your stress level goes up because you are thinking of negative issues, switch over to positive ones, go do a positive activity, call a friend, reach out for assistance.
Great youtube videos How to do EFT http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6AW01rT92Ng


Look into you, how things make you feel.

To ‘get over it’ you need to face the emotion with a helpful process.     EFT is that process.

Start with issues under a stress level of #6, you need to get used to doing the steps, feeling accomplishment then tackle the bigger issues.

Click Down Load pdf copies


Pick One issue, to work on.



EFT Inquiry Another style of Tapping, 

Creating a list of stress triggers – rate them and tap on them, start with those that are at a lower rating.

From extreme Trauma to things in your life that bug you, the stuff you want to throw away

  • Stress issues:Rate current stress level*

. __________________________________________(1-10) *___|___|___|___

. __________________________________________(1-10) *___|___|___|___

. __________________________________________(1-10) *___|___|___|___

  • Anxiety:

. __________________________________________(1-10) *___|___|___|___

. __________________________________________(1-10) *___|___|___|___

. __________________________________________(1-10) *___|___|___|___

  • Pain Illness:

. __________________________________________(1-10) *___|___|___|___

. __________________________________________(1-10) *___|___|___|___

. __________________________________________(1-10) *___|___|___|___

  • Ritual or Bad Habits:

. __________________________________________(1-10) *___|___|___|___

. __________________________________________(1-10) *___|___|___|___

. __________________________________________(1-10) *___|___|___|___

*its likely that at one time the bad habit was your solution to a problem

  • Other areas of significance: ____________________

. __________________________________________(1-10) *___|___|___|___

. __________________________________________(1-10) *___|___|___|___

. __________________________________________(1-10) *___|___|___|___

  • re-assess after each round #1-#10
Personal work: When was the first time you had this feeling _______ What were the circumstances?

Picture it in your mind, focus write express

For your work to be terrific you need to be specific

Now go to the step-by-step EFT directions youre on your way to gaining control over how your issues affect your life.

Anxiety Relief: EFT can successfully alleviate acute anxiety attacks, generalized anxiety

Take a slow deep inhale and exhale at each tapping point, (a tap just firm enough that your fingers slightly bounce back.)

Now using your inquiry form locate an issue that is mid range 5 or 6 as a place to start (as you get familiar with the process and learn how to allow the work, you can get to the more intense issues. If youve been stuck with an issue it may take some time even months of EFT to get measurable relief, stick to it, contact a consultant for assistance.)

STEP 1: Identify the emotion or problem work through the feeling – what is behind it. Is it the TRUE issue!

STEP 2: How intense is it? Stress level [0-10]

STEP 3: State it: Even though I have anxiety about _____________________, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

or other positive wording -I respect & love myself ~ Im still a good person ~ I know Im O.K.

STEP 4: SET-UP: While tapping on the Karate Chop Point, [little finger side of Hand]

Say your affirmation out loud 3 times.

Choose an easy, short Reminder Phrase that represents the issue youre working on, such as this anxiety problem health issue relationship horror or my chocolate cravings.

This can be adjusted as you go through the Taping process, go with your feelings.


STEP 5: SEQUENCE: Tap, while stating the problem or issue:

  1. Both inner edge of EYEBROW
  6. Both – COLLARBONE
  7. Each side – UNDER ARM [4 down]
  8. TOP RIB [aprox.6under nipple]
  10. TOP of HAND below last 2 fingers

Shack your hands out softly Take a deep-slow breath;

OBSERVING, your feelings, physical and emotional. Notice your

thoughts, you may get further insights as you sit quietly after tapping.

STEP 6: Reassess Stress level [0-10] has it changed? Adjust statementwith consideration to

Aspects: An aspect is a different part of the problem. Youve tapped for this anger and the anger is gone instead you feel sadness. Even though I feel this sadness about it now etc.

STEP 7: Reassess the intensity of the problem, Measure your anxiety or stress level on 0-10 scale

STEP 8: At a Reassessed Stress level that has changed 0-2, Adjust statement* to a complete positive and tap again adding the TOP of head as the last point.

Example script: Setup statement –

Karatechop: Even though Im, really stressed out…. I deeply and completely accept myself

(Repeat 3x while Tapping, then work your way down the tapping spots)

Eyebrow: Way too many bad issues… / Side of the Eye: Ill never get over it…
Under Eye: When will I ever be free of it all? / Under Nose: It wont go away…
Under Mouth: Im stressed out…. / Collarbone: When can I relax?
Under the Arm: I cant seem to let it go / Top of the Head: Its much…
Eyebrow: I chose to relax now… / SE: I chose to REALLY relax now…
UE: Its O,K. to feel differently about it…/ UN: I dont have to be stressed to take care of it
Ch: I chose to slow down and take a breath…/ CB: I am not my issues…
UA: I am good enough / TH: I chose to relax and let it go now…
EB: I chose to calm …/ SE: I chose to REALLY be calm…
UE: Its better for me to be relaxed…/ UN: Even though I have ____, And thats ok…
Ch: I chose to slow down and take a breath…/ CB: I am not my issues …
UA: I can feel good, even when things around me are messed up/
TH: I chose to relax let it go. *When you feel significant relief, move on to positive phrases.

Anxiety Relief – Phobias – Guilt, Shame and Low Self-Esteem – Pain Control – Trauma Relief:Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a unique form of acupressure to relieve stress and physiological pain. EFT a tapping procedure. restoring balance on our energy system, it neutralizes emotional conflicts at their source, allowing the body and mind to resume their natural healing abilities. EFT is easy to apply, non-invasive.

Designed by Gary Craig, a personal performance coach. EFT belongs to a new class of treatments referred to as Energy Psychology. Scientists agree that the body is an “energy configuration” made up of positive and negative electrical charges in the form of atoms, the basic “building blocks of all matter.” EFT capitalizes on this to assist you in claming your body and mind. While the technique is simple and effective, we recommend you receive thorough training in its use by visiting Garys web site, http://www.emofree.com

Positive reinforcements work wonderfully with EFT, try some of these, adjust to fit your desires and needs: I approach my life with abundance. I will fall asleep quickly, wake up well-rested, with a healthy body. Even though I have issues to resolve, I will get a full night sleep & have my answers in the morning. I am becoming a more relaxed and joyful person. I am accomplishing so much. I enjoy the calm and peace that I have

Video Link why this works http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=abRF47I8dKc&feature=related

You’ll Be Okay -(Fear that things are out of your control)- Tapping with Brad Yates



EFT Tapping Points

Eb Eyebrow BLADDER meridian

Where: Slightly off center, above bridge of nose

For: Inner direction, peace & harmony

Corrects: Fear, anxiety, dread, impatience, frustration, restlessness, trauma, miffed

SE Eye Corner GALL BLADDER meridian

Where: Outside corner of the eye at the temple

Corrects: Rage, fury, wrath, fear of

self-growth and issues of growth and change, resentment, rage, muddled thinking

UE Under Eye STOMACH meridian

Where: Lower edge of eye socket,

in the midline of each eye

For: Contentment, tranquility

Corrects: Disgust, greed, emptiness, deprivation, nausea, hunger, fear, disappointment, bitterness, nervousness


Where: Midway between the upper lip and the base of the nose

For: Inner connection

Corrects: Embarrassment, grief, physical disturbance, guilt, fear of failure, success


Where: Midway between the lower lip and the point of the chin

For: Self-Empowerment Corrects: Shame, embarrassment

Cb Collarbone KIDNEY meridian

Where: About one inch below the depression where clavicles meetin the upper chest, about on inch to eaither side of centerline, between upper two ribs

For: Gentle spirit energy, sexual assuredness

Corrects: Fear, anxiety, craving, sexual indecision, paranoia, worry

UA Under Arm SPLEEN meridian
Where: Midline on either side, about

four inches under armpit For: Choice making, confidence, empathy, centeredness

Corrects: anxieties, future, obsession, hopelessness, insecurity, low esteem

UB Under Breast LIVER meridian

Where: Just beneath the rib cage on both sides, down from the nipples

For: Transformation, happiness, forgiveness, self-esteem, respect

Corrects: Anger, unhappiness, complaining, frustration, bitterness

On the Hand

Th Thumbnail LUNG meridian

Where: Corner of the base of the thumbnail, toward your body

For: Worth, humility, correctness, feeling good about oneself

Corrects: Negative thinking, disdain, scorn, contempt, false pride, prejudiced, intolerance

IF Index Finger; LARGE INTESTINE meridian

Where: Corner of the base of the fingernail, thumb side For: Letting go, self-worth

Corrects: Guilt, grief, lack of initiative and openness, forgiveness, dogma

MF Middle Finger; CIRCULATION-SEX meridian

Where: Corner of the base of the fingernail, thumb side For: Bonding, relaxation, generosity

Corrects: Regret, remorse, jealousy, stubbornness, sexual tension, painful memories that are kept out of awareness, unhappiness, insatiability.

LF Little Finger HEART meridian

Where: Corner of the base of the fingernail, ring finger side

For: Unconditional love, forgiveness, compassion, care for ones self

Corrects: Anger, over-excitement, over-achievement

KCKarate Chop SMALL INTESTINE meridian ..

Where: Middle of the fleshy side of either hand For: Joy

Corrects: Sadness, loss, sorrow, worry, obsession, compulsiveness, vulnerability

G Gamut Spot TRIPLE WARMER (thyroid) meridian

Where: Back of the hand, about one inch toward the wrist from the knuckles,

between the carpals of the little finger and ring finger For: Hope

Corrects: Depression, despair, grief, hopelessness, despondency, loneliness, solitude

·       Contact Insights Foundation for application instructions
You can find alot of information online, search EFT, youtube can also give many illustrations of usage.

Designed by Gary Craig, a personal performance coach. EFT belongs to a new class of treatments referred to as Energy Psychology. Scientists agree that the body is an “energy configuration” made up of positive and negative electrical charges in the form of atoms, the basic “building blocks of all matter.” EFT capitalizes on this to assist you in claming your body and mind. While the technique is simple and effective, we recommend you receive thorough training in its use by visiting Gary’s web site, http://www.emofree.com

An ecellent download book is available on Gary’s site, please take the time to review.


·       pdf  download training tools – provided free

Simple version of the Choices method of merridian tapping:

Click here for pdf


Easy download chart of tapping points – Click for pdf

·       The Science Of Meridian Tapping – biochemical functions

We have 50 to 100 trillion cells in our bodies!
EVERY CELL in our body has up to one million cell receptor sites to take in nutrients, proteins, vitamins & minerals to nourish each cell, keeping it in balance.

That event can be thoughts we have, something that happens to us, something we witness happening to someone else, an injury, a trauma, etc.

The hypothalamus releases a cascade of chemicals that are called peptides
These peptides are short chain amino acids that we experience as an emotion or sensation; all 32 emotions are simply chemical combinations

These peptides dock onto cell receptor sites throughout the body
Now nutrients, proteins, vitamins and minerals can’t enter those receptor sites

If the chemical/emotion isn’t naturally processed out of receptor sites it remains there.
Eventually these receptor sites shrink up and die and the cell divides

The body then makes more receptor sites for that same chemical/emotion and less for nutrients, proteins, vitamins, and minerals

We then spend our time trying to deal with the event and these unprocessed chemicals/emotions on a psychological level (mental) rather than the physiological (physical) level that it happened on!
That’s also why it feels like your problem is getting worse. It’s not your imagination, it’s an accumulation of those chemicals in your cell receptors; it’s a biochemical response your body is having.
The things that happen to us happen on a physiological level. They literally bypass our conscious mind and happen biochemically and physiologically to us. But we end up spending our time trying to deal with them psychologically and mentally.  It’s like using a hammer to do the job when instead you really need to use a screwdriver. Edited from Sports Performance Pioneer Introduction to The Science of Tapping, By Stacey Vornbrock, M.S.,

Great resources for Merridian Tapping for healing, pain, injuries:


What do the Emotional Freedom Techniques do?

EFT speaks directly to your body, bypassing the conscious mind, and completes the processing of those chemicals out of the cell receptors, returning your body to a state of balance.

This is accomplished through a series of taps on end acupuncture points on your face and hands. There are no needles involved and it is a do-it-yourself technique. Once learned, you will literally have this tool at your fingertips for the rest of your life!

 And unlike other techniques, since we’re speaking directly to your body and not your mind, you don’t have to believe it will work in order for it to work. You can remain completely skeptical and still get great results!


The Science of EFT

  • You can remain completely skeptical and still get great results. Unlike other techniques, EFT speaks directly to your body and not your mind, so you don’t have to believe it will work in order for it to work.
  • Tapping is not designed to replace anything you are already doing in your life. Use it as an addition to good nutrition, chiropractic, naturopathic and modern medical care. In fact, EFT compliments any other modality that is already adding to your health, well-being and life.

Cellular healing with EFT also allows complimentary therapies such as massage, chiropractic, nutritional, physical therapy, etc. to advance at a deeper, more beneficial level.