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Awareness: We all have a predominate personality, a set of traits. The terms used to group the categories are numerous; associate with the definitions below:

We are focusing on primary traits. Our traits co-relate, primary and secondary along with the skills – talents – pursuits – education – external influences we all have. Not all aspects can be accounted for in this brief assessment. Further education is recommended.

    • Review the insights – start to self asses, as you review it can help visualize people you know who fit each category
    • Temperament = a combination of traits we are born with, Character– ‘civilized’ temperament
    • Identifying tendencies can assist you to develop strategies, to use your natural strengths and control your weaknesses & assist others to relate to who you really are, respecting you, your way of being.

Meeting the temperament needs of others can assist you in relating to them




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