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Who We Are

Insights Foundation [I.F.] is a non-profit, non-denominational support organization, working to establish positive perspective & personal empowerment through awareness, acceptance & action. 

          I.F. Associates + Making a Differance

    • Healing Arts Strategies – H.A.S. Brandy Martin; E.F.T. – Affiliate
    • Love & Lighten-up, Author Kelli Martin; E.F.T; Photography, Contributor 
    • One World OutReach – O.W.O.R.; Corporate Alliance, Social Media – TeJay Brune;oneworldoutreach@yahoo.com
    • Angel Bosten – Out-Reach consultant – Emergency Street Bags ESB, Orange Co
    • Life Essentials – Robyn LeAnn; Fitness training, Yoga, Life Coaching



Kellina Martin –  Director, C.E.O.

Recovery Support Program.

Dani Martin –  Director, C.F.O. Out ReachProject manager Facilitator, Consulting


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Contract your program with donations to I.F.

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